These functions creates a long list of different types of well-defined graphs, that is, their structure is not based on any randomisation. All of these functions are shallow wrappers around a range of igraph::make_* functions but returns tbl_graph rather than igraph objects.

create_ring(n, directed = FALSE, mutual = FALSE)

create_path(n, directed = FALSE, mutual = FALSE)

create_chordal_ring(n, w)

create_de_bruijn(alphabet_size, label_size)

create_empty(n, directed = FALSE)

create_bipartite(n1, n2, directed = FALSE, mode = "out")




create_kautz(alphabet_size, label_size)

create_lattice(dim, directed = FALSE, mutual = FALSE, circular = FALSE)

create_star(n, directed = FALSE, mutual = FALSE, mode = "out")

create_tree(n, children, directed = TRUE, mode = "out")


n, n1, n2

The number of nodes in the graph


Should the graph be directed


Should mutual edges be created in case of the graph being directed


A matrix specifying the additional edges in the chordan ring. See igraph::make_chordal_ring()


The number of unique letters in the alphabet used for the graph


The number of characters in each node


In case of a directed, non-mutual, graph should the edges flow 'out' or 'in'


The name of a notable graph. See a complete list in igraph::make_graph()


The dimensions of the lattice


Should each dimension in the lattice wrap around


The number of children each node has in the tree (if possible)


A tbl_graph


  • create_ring: Create a simple ring graph

  • create_path: Create a simple path

  • create_chordal_ring: Create a chordal ring

  • create_de_bruijn: Create a de Bruijn graph with the specified alphabet and label size

  • create_empty: Create a graph with no edges

  • create_bipartite: Create a full bipartite graph

  • create_citation: Create a full citation graph

  • create_complete: Create a complete graph (a graph where all nodes are connected)

  • create_notable: Create a graph based on its name. See igraph::make_graph()

  • create_kautz: Create a Kautz graph with the specified alphabet and label size

  • create_lattice: Create a multidimensional grid of nodes

  • create_star: Create a star graph (A single node in the center connected to all other nodes)

  • create_tree: Create a tree graph


# Create a complete graph with 10 nodes create_complete(10)
#> # A tbl_graph: 10 nodes and 45 edges #> # #> # An undirected simple graph with 1 component #> # #> # Node Data: 10 x 0 (active) #> # #> # Edge Data: 45 x 2 #> from to #> <int> <int> #> 1 1 2 #> 2 1 3 #> 3 1 4 #> # … with 42 more rows