tidygraph (development version) Unreleased

  • Activating a grouped tbl_graph whith what is already active will no longer cause grouping to be dropped (#121)

tidygraph 1.2.0 2020-05-12

  • graph description now recognise undirected trees
  • Added pkgdown site at https://tidygraph.data-imaginist.com
  • Prepare tidygraph for dplyr 1.0.0 (#118 and #119)
  • Add possibility of controlling which column in nodes are used for matching if the to and from columns in edges are character vectors during construction (#89)
  • bind_graph() now accepts a list of graphs as its first argument (#88)
  • Add graph_modularity() for calculating modularity contingent on a node grouping (#97)
  • Edge weights are now handled more consistently to avoid igraph using a possible weight edge attribute. weights = NULL will always mean that no edge weight is used (#106).
  • Neighborhood graph in map_local() and siblings will now contain a .central_node node attribute that will identify the node from which the local graph has been calculated (#107)

tidygraph 1.1.2 2019-02-18

  • Compatibility with dplyr 0.8

tidygraph 1.1.1 2018-11-20

  • Better conversion of network objects. Old conversion could mess up edge attributes.
  • Changes to anticipate new version of tibble and dplyr
  • tibble-like dimming of non-data text in printing
  • Edge-length is now preserved when converting from phylo
  • Added to_subcomponent morpher to work with a single component containing a specified node
  • Morphers that reference nodes now correctly tidy eval the node argument
  • Add node_is_adjacent to query which nodes are directly connected to a set of nodes
  • Add fortify method for tbl_graph object for plotting as regular data with ggplot2

tidygraph 1.1.0 2018-02-10

  • Fix bug when coercing to tbl_graph from an adjacency list containing NULL or NA elements.
  • Change license to MIT
  • Add convert verb to perform both morph and crystallise in one go, returning a single tbl_graph
  • When collapsing edges or nodes during morph the original data will be stored in .orig_data instead of .data to avoid conflicts with .data argument in many tidyverse verbs (BREAKING)
  • as_tbl_graph.data.frame now recognises set tables (each column gives eachs rows membership to that set)
  • Add with_graph to allow computation of algorithms outside of verbs
  • graph_is_* set of querying functions has been added that all returns logical scalars.
  • Add %N>% and %E>% for activating nodes and edges respectively as part of the piping.
  • mutate now lets you reference created columns in graph algorithms so it behaves in line with expected mutate behaviour. This has led to a slight performance decrease (millisecond scale). The old behaviour can be accessed using mutate_as_tbl where the graph will only get updated in the end.
  • When using to_subgraph with edges, isolated nodes are no longer deleted
  • bind_graphs now work with a single tbl_graph
  • Added .register_graph_context to allow the use of tidygraph algorithms in external functions.
  • Added to_unfolded_tree, to_directed, and to_undirected morphers
  • Add the node_rank_* family of algorithms for seriation of nodes
  • Added to_hierarchical_clusters morpher to work with hierarchical representations of community detection algorithms.
  • All group_* algorithms now ensure that the groups are enumerated in descending order based on size, i.e. members of the largest group/community will always have 1, etc.
  • Fix a bug when filtering all nodes or edges where no nodes/edges would be removed (#42)
  • Added interface to netrankr resulting in 19 new centrality scores and a manual mode for composing new centrality scores
  • Added edge_is_[from|to|between|incident]() to help find edges related to certain nodes